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Note from the Director – 12/7/16


3rd Six Weeks

Just wanted to remind all campuses that the 3rd six weeks Campus Summary Report and Student Detail Report is due to PEIMS Department by Friday, January 20, 2017. Please make sure that these reports are verified and forward to PEIMS Coordinator by the due date.

Thanks in advance,
Mrs. Jessica Morado






Please visit with principals as soon as possible so they can get a full understanding on the new process of submitting these required reports. Again, I cannot stress the importance of these reports and therefore I’m asking you all to verify your campus data beforehand to assure that we are staying in compliance with TEA.

The following reports are due Friday, October 21, 2016

  • SAT0900 Campus Summary Report (Full Report)
  • SAT0600 Student Detail Report (Last Page Only)
  • SAT0671 Student Reconciliation (Last Page Only)-If your campus has already used the reconciliation form that Rosie emailed please stick with that one. But I have revised that form so please open attachment to view the new students membership reconciliation form and use that form from here on forward.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at any time.


What is PEIMS used for?

What are submissions?

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